Home with Emma @ Mindful Yoga Studio 2-part workshop


If you go with the definition of yoga as movement with intention -
do you practice yoga within your day?
If you don’t move with intention in your day, tell me how DO you move?
On autopilot?
Just to get it done?
With an intensity that burns you out?

Maybe you yoga at home, maybe ya don’t. No judgments, I neverrrr practiced at home until I signed up for YTT. And I struggled with what I thought I ‘should’ be doing for a long time. I’ve learned you can practice efficiently. Spend less time, less energy & feel more capable, centered, stable, certain. It’s taken a while of trial an error, confusion, frustration and force, on my part to arrive at a place where my home practice feels ready to share.

I’m offering TWO workshops to start or support a sustainable home practice at Mindful Yoga


Part 1: Release & Realign (7/30)

Systematically wind down your body & mind to bring awareness to unconscious habits, movements and thought patterns. Unpack beliefs no longer serving you to find clarity & confidence in your home practice. Break down the basics in new ways to find out how you were made to fit yourself. 

During this 2 hour workshop expect
-plenty of pranayama (breathing)
-simple movements & the slowest of flows
-bone based alignment & tons of hands on adjustments
(any level, no yoga experience needed)

Part 2: Feel at Home (8/6)

Together we’ll weave together a practice that allows you to move with freedom in your entire life. Learn Yoga Stability® techniques and how to apply them so you overcome imbalances & imperfections without fear, frustration or loosing your mind. Leave with tools to help you tune into your intuition & tips for a practical at home practice.

During this 2 hour workshop expect
-familiar poses & funky, fun movements
-workshop at the wall
-connect and practice postures anywhere, any time
-independent asana to find your flow
(any level, some yoga experience recommended)

Monday July 30 & August 6, 2018
$25 per class
$40 for both