Momma In Route

Mother's Day is coming a little early and lasting a little longer than usual! Mom is in route right now to London where we are about to pack up sadpartment and head off on a Mother Daughter Euro Trip. We are off to Paris, France for Mother's Day, a mini tour of Spain- stopping in Barcelona, Granada and Seville- Florence, Italy for a too short trip, back to London to regroup and then stopping over in Iceland for two nights! All leading back to home sweet home, Colorado. 

Also thanks for everyone who voted on what we should do in Iceland- We are heading North of the Wall on the Game of Thrones tour!!! 

Follow me on instagram to see where we are on our adventure these next two weeks. I promise that I will update you on this adventure, and the last of Morocco, Wales, Paris and Pisa / Cinque Terre when I return home!