Lost Across Spain

We've come so far, and seen so much and still have more to do. I made it back to Barcelona which will forever have a place in my heart- and have now to Granada and Seville too. I love the people I've met and met up with in Spain and I really love the food. The gardens here are top notch and have left me speechless, no photos or words will ever do them justice. 

However I don't know if I can move right now though, because I am beat. My feet look like swollen hobbits feet but with Birkenstock tan lines. We have a flight to Bologna and then a train to Florence tomorrow, wish us luck. We had to use our two emergency packs of Gu energy today,  needless to say we are feeling the travel fatigue. But here's a little peek at what we've been up to in Spain. 

More people than last time, Beach, Barcelona, Spain

(Old) friends at my favorite (been there once before) restaurant, Can Cisa, El Born, Barcelona, Spain

Burrata porn pt. 1, Can Cisa, El Born, Barcelona, Spain

The Alhambra Gardens,  Granada, Spain

The Alhambra from San Nicolas, Granada, Spain

Interior of the Alcázar de Seville, Seville, Spain


Alcázar de Seville, Seville, Spain or the Water Gardens of Dorne 

Burrata porn pt. 2, Mamarracha, Seville, Spain

xoxo Emma