24 Hours in Amsterdam

Friday night I took off via 'Rail and Sail' from London to Amsterdam to meet Caitlin and Pflieger for a quick stint.
It was a bizarre as it resembled a cruise ship more than a ferry and I ended wandering around it late at night. 

I met Caitlin and Pflieger at Lloyd Hotel for a long day of just about everything.

We first accidentally ran into the iamsterdam sign and did some aggressive touristing to fight for a letter to take a picture on. 
Stopped at Bagels & Beans- the menu was huge and we all got enormous bagel sandwiches on everything bagels.
Then we did the Van Gough Museum which was pretty amazing. Bought the tickets ahead so we skipped the huge lines that plagued Amsterdam's best museums. 

Stopped at a coffeeshop to try and regroup and decided to go on a canal tour. Then went and got to FEBO on the way, which is this super weird, vending machine, fast food, store.. You put in coins, push a button, a little door pops open and you get a hamburger or what ever dutch deep fried thing you want. Naturally, I was horrified but ate a cheese hot-pocket thing, that was delicious and ended up buying again. 

The canal boat turned out  to be the most touristy thing you can do- you plug in headphones listen in your language of choice to Nell and Ron tell you all about Amsterdam. Caitlin just reminded me that Nell is more of a white wine drinker and Ron has always been more of a beer drinker- these are the things we learned on our canal tour. 

Ran through Amsterdam at dusk to make it to the Amsterdam Cheese Museum, where we tried every cheese they had. 
We also took cheesey pictures in the basement museum in traditional Dutch clothes, I think I may have accidentally been holding real cheese.

We also hit up a grocery store with a magazine called Jezus, with all Jesus related things. Got some stroopwaffle, tiny wine bottles and the worst strawberry juice that tasted like cough syrup. Went to Pariadso Nord to see Sylvan Esso, checked out the red light district and went to this throwback R&B night at Bittezoet. 

I also accidentally took the commuter train all the way across the Netherlands and some how magically got on my ferry through a large, people sized, hamster maze. But I managed to snap a picture of my little cabin I bought on the ferry before I passed out for the next six hours.