Miscellaneous London

Pre-Barcelona, Brendan and I managed to make the most of London's nice weather for some pseudo-touring. Through one of my classes we had the opportunity Monday to take a guided tour of RIBA, or The Royal Institute of British Architects, a pretty cool Art Deco building near by. 

Tuesday evening, we wandered around the Thames, grabbing a beer / cider at sunset and a dusky walk by Saint Paul's Cathedral. I finally bought some of the sugar roasted nuts that the sell on the street, we barely made a dent in them before we were sick of how sweet they are. But I'm glad I finally tried them so I don't get so tempted by the smell on every walking tour I take. 

Wednesday, our last big event in London was going to Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street, commonly known as the walkie talkie building. When the skyscraper was being built, it was required for them to include public space, which resulted in them turning the top of the tower into a publicly accessible 'garden.' Its a pretty cool way to get a great view of the city for absolutely free, however, you do need to purchase tickets with a time slot before visiting. The indoor garden wasn't anything too spectacular, but the atmosphere was overall nice, seemed like a meeting place for tourists and locals. We had brunch from the Sky Pod bar, which was quite good, though I am sure drinks and a nighttime view would have been even better. I would definitely recommend visiting at some point, mostly because it's free, but also has sunny seating with a nice view. 

x Emma