A Note and the Flower Market

I have never really been able to keep a journal before or record anything with consistency. So by all measures this is probably the longest I have ever been able to repeatedly record anything. Nor has it ever really crossed my mind that people would be interested in what I do enough to follow a blog, and I'm still not really sure about that.

However, I feel compelled to broadcast what is going on in my life with some regularity for two reasons. First off, travel blogs have been my savior lately as I have been planning my own journeys. I feel like I have the opportunity to pay it forward by sharing my experiences, and hopefully encourage and help others see the world too. And secondly, I wish I could sit down and have coffee with all my friends and family regularly and tell them about what is going on in my life, but I can't. Between everyone in Colorado, Syracuse, London and elsewhere in the world, it keeps getting harder to meet up face to face, and talk when things are fresh. So this is my attempt at letting you all know where life is taking me.

Two weekends ago (I'm behind, I know) Brendan came to London to visit for his spring break! Even though his flight was canceled and moved to the next day we still managed to see lots of London. He even managed to catch some of the best weather that we've had here. We went to the Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday, which was a frenzy of people and beautiful flowers that reminded us spring is on the way. 

x Emma