Desert Crossing Day 2 and 3

Yesterday we made it from the Dades Gorges to the Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga. Being in the sand sea is an incredible experience that words and pictures will never capture the feeling. We saw the sun set in the freezing wind, gazed at the most brilliant stars, climbed to the top of a dune and played cards by candle light with our Bedouin guides.

Today we then rode our camels out at sunrise and raced out of the desert back to Marrakesh and have (finally) made it to Essouaira. I can see the ocean from my bed and hear the waves, so I will go to bed with a full heart again tonight.

I'll post the full Morocco story and pictures- as well my trip to Barcelona with Brendan that kicked off this adventure- when I get back to London. 

x Emma

Erg Chebbi Dunes, Merzouga, Morocco


If anyone is planning a trip to Morocco soon, all the typical pictures you see can be deceiving. Please bring warm clothes. I was not expecting snow and this is our second time in two days. Also, this is the mildly terrifying road we've been driving over just about every terrain you can imagine with any whether you can imagine. 

Atlas Mountain road, Morocco