I'm Emma Whitney, a yoga, movement, tarot, digital & physical experience guide. I am full of ideas, insight, contradictions and hopefully a delicious meal. I love holding space for people to come home to themselves & teach individuals to travel with more ease. I aim to bring awareness to the habits that hold us in familiar patterns and understand the boundaries & structures that support us within our own personal set of conditions. 

Raised in Southern Denver, CO and currently residing in Syracuse, NY (within in a former chicken coop) with her partner Brendan (@bshugggz) and cat Sterling (@admiralsterling) who both often join her on the mat. I work locally with Mindful Yoga, The Kester Homestead & The Local Branch, assists wellness entrepreneurs with their digital presence and currently is renovating a vintage camper. She loves intimate gatherings, tasty food, fresh air, swinging in a hammock and days with no to-do list.


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